Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello Everyone!

We are gearing up for our upcoming, scripted web series, 2 Hopeful Spinsters!   We're brimming with ideas but would LOVE to hear your stories too! 

  • Have any crazy & unbelievable dating stories?
  • How about some insane and cringe-worthy spinster stories?
  • Have you witnessed a dating experience that makes you glad you're off the market?
  • Any tales of family dating pressure that make you wish you were adopted?

Fellow hopeful spinsters, spinsters-in-training, married friends of spinsters, man friends of spinsters...start submitting those stories NOW!!!  And if we use your story, you'll get  a writing credit AND a cameo in that episode. *must live in LA or be willing to travel to LA...uh...on your own dime.  Sorry, no sponsors yet. :)

Please email all stories to no late than February 29th.  Nothing beats a Leap Year deadline for a spinster tale.  Sure beats asking a man to marry you, eh??? (Click HERE to read about that Leap Year tradition.)

We look forward to hearing your stories!!!

Heather & Dellany 

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  1. Check this guy out- he's a fb friend of mine :-)