Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heather’s Valentine’s Day Aha Moment
As fate would have it, I tend to be single on Valentine’s Day.  And because of that, I suppose I’ve always had a bit of a chip on my shoulder about it.  In my 20’s, I often wore black, thinking I was being all “hip & maudlin” about “Singles Awareness Day,” as Hoda & Kathie Lee jokingly called it yesterday.  However, now that I’m in my 30’s, I usually just pretend it doesn’t exist until I need to satisfy my sweet tooth with some 75% off Valentine candy at CVS.  But this year was different…

Instead of hiding at home, ignoring the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day while emptying my DVR with a bottle of cheap wine & a pan of brownies, Dellany & I decided to go out.  We had no agenda except that we were going to have fun.  Now, I don’t want to spoil the video that we will post of some of the highlights of our evening, but I do want to share the new perspective I gained of Valentine’s Day.

Prior to last night, I only seemed to see “couples” EVERYWHERE I turned on Valentine’s day:  at the coffee shops, at the restaurants, at the movies, etc…And, quite frankly, it was depressing.  It was a reminder of what I DIDN’T have and I was sick of it.  But last night, I saw SO MANY different types of people celebrating this day of “love”: groups of men, groups of women, fellow Hopeful Spinsters, families, etc… Yes, there were couples strewn about, but it didn’t seem to bother me.  Because for the 1st time, possibly EVER, I was able to really appreciate the love I do have in my life and not dwell on the love that I don’t.  It was a surprising and inspiring Valentine’s Day gift and I thank my fellow Hopeful Spinster, Dellany, for being an integral part of that. 


Dellany’s Valentines Day Musing
Happy Day after Valentine's everybody!  I am glowing from the most amazing night last night.  Without giving too much away from the Hopeful Spinsters soon-to-be-released video blog, I saw a beautiful sunset setting overlooking the city of Angels; had a single perfect rose, drinks, dining, a romantic film- sigh...  the perfect night with the perfect Hopeful Spinster :-) That's right- out of choice, I made the decision to spend last night with fellow hopeful spinster, Heather.  I made the decision to not go out with a man, not sit at home in front of the tube with my red velvet cake ice cream and not feel sorry for myself.  Why should I? I have so many things to be thankful for on a day where love is a many splendored thing…but also sometimes considered the root of all evil (depending how one looks at it).

I chose to celebrate in my friend and myself.  I care and love a lot of people and I know in my heart a lot of people care and love me. So why not celebrate that? It doesn't have to be defined by a commitment with a significant other. Since I reached the official “hopeful spinster age”, I have said, " gone are the days where I wince in pain at the idea of being alone on V day.  Gone are the days (pretty much allll of my 20's) where I wasted precious time and settled with someone who wasn't a good match and certainly not good enough for me just so I could say I was with someone on Valentine's Day". I found I was more miserable with candy in one hand, flowers in the other from some lame guy who didn't treat me well… than I was being "alone" . I can buy my own gifts for myself, thank you very much (more on that later)!  Last night felt liberating and exhilarating :-) I am truly inspired by last night and thinking of all the hopeful spinsters out there that are going thru what Heather and I are going thru.  I can't wait to share stories and become the woman I am meant to be thru this! Hopeful Spinsters Unite!



  1. I love that you two are doing this! Wonderful. Creative!!

  2. Thanks!!! We're definitely having fun! :)