Friday, February 24, 2012

With the Oscars just around the corner, 
   2 Hopeful Spinsters
 thought it only fitting that we share with you OUR favorite Red Carpet Hopeful Spinsters...ENJOY!!!

Heather's Hopeful Spinster Oscar goes to.....    

Viola Davis as AIBILEEN CLARK.  Aibileen is a 53 year old single maid who has raised 17 white babies and lost her own son tragically when he was only 24.  By all accounts, she is a spinster who faces struggles and adversities every day that we can't even begin to imagine.  But despite all that she fears and all that she's been through, she recognizes her value, her much so that she takes extraordinary risks to make her story public.  

"You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important."  Aibileen repeats that one phrase to her "special baby," Mae Mobley.  Mae Mobley is plump, has a bald spot, and even Aibileen admits, "she ain't cute".  But "cute" isn't one of Abilieen's values. Kindness, intelligence, fairness – these are what matter to Aibileen.  She teaches Mae Mobley the most important lesson we can EVER be taught:  SELF-LOVE.  Aibileen decides to try an experiment with her:  "what would happen if I told her something good every day?"  From that point on, she continually repeats "You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important" to Mae Mobley.  But not only does she repeat it to her, she makes her repeat it back to her.   Words ARE powerful...but we tend to believe the negative words so much more than the positive.  Why is that???  Let's turn that ship around and get those affirmations going. :)  Why the heck not?

In a society where SO much emphasis is placed on the perfect partner, the perfect size, the perfect hair, the perfect skin, the perfect outfit, etc..., it's refreshing to see a character like Aibileen.  She makes me step back and look at the big picture.  My worth and value are not defined by the relationships I have or don't have.  My worth is defined by who I am...on the inside.  How great is that?  

Thanks, Aibee...I needed that.

Dellany's thoughts on the matter...

Why Melissa McCarthy played one of my most favorite spinster characters this Oscar season:  First of all, I want to say Oscar (which is a man's name interestingly enough) needs to show more women some love- especially SPINSTER women.. I took a good, hard long look at the actresses nominated and out of the films ( that I did see) most of the nominated actresses played either married,engaged, under the Spinster age of 27 or HOPELESSly committed gals of all ages to their beaus..(pronunciation of beau- also sounds like the man name BO, hmmm).

That being said, Melissa McCarthy's MEGAN stood out immensely. MEGAN was loud, over the top, crude, plain in looks, heck by Hollywood's standard not desirable in any way shape or form.  But look a little deeper- what did she have that a lot of women struggle with and can't seem to obtain? Confidence. MEGAN believed in herself. Who cares that she is surrounded by size 0-4's who dress better, look prettier and come across more socially inclined. She carried herself as if she had the looks of Angelina Jolie, brains of Hillary Clinton and wit of a crass Steve Martin. She lived her life as if nobody was watching, and even if they were, SHE DIDN"T CARE.  She got food poisoning in a hoity toity wedding boutique shop- did she hold it in to cause herself more pain? No. She was the most honest about her "ailment" and found a quick solution. When MEGAN was on the plane to Vegas she flirted shamelessly with the undercover air marshall next to her- who really thought he was going to go for her? She didn't question it - not one bit. Finally, as Kristen Wiig's character was at the lowest of lows, feeling sorry for herself it was MEGAN who led her to see the light. She made you think in that scene no matter what you are going thru any woman could do anything, especially if you are a spinster!

My HOPEFUL SPINSTER award goes to... Melissa McCarthy as MEGAN. Thank you for showing me at the end of the day it's not good looks, style or  a need to settle for a man to make one feel "complete". A positive attitude, big heart, confidence and a vehicle full of puppies will suffice :)

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